Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Closing the gaps on A6 (not the Audi)

I've started writing the A6 API document and I'm bothered by two areas of incompleteness (voids, gaping voids):

  1. No Assurance function (specifically my treatment of the assurance function as either emergent or orthogonal)
  2. The unconnected dots that each URI represents

I think I can close both of these gaps by cheating a little bit, I'm going to repurpose /ssapi/ISO27002/ to serve as the Assurance function, then use it as the point that we ultimately tie everything together.

This won't be as good as an independent and trusted third party standing up and saying everything is kosher and I still hold that Assurance is best described as follows:

"a validated statement, specifically validated by a trusted third party (like an audit firm) reviews the supporting facts behind an assertion and confirms they are true, have integrity and have the correct scope (or completeness)"

However, I don't believe A6 was supposed to be the cure for all that ails our security world, its purpose it to provide transparency, so let's work on sharing security state information and we can circle back to the golden standard in a future standard.

By modifying the return of /ssapi/ISO27002/ method we can not only use it to expose policy information, but also expose the level of compliance with the policy by providing references back to the /ssapi/environment/ results or the existence of control elements (the latter will need to be self-asserted by a given element, as in "I do this")

There are two sticky bits:

  • avoiding exposing sensitive information as follows: "our policy is to have firewalls" followed by "the following elements have very bad scores" and because they're referenced by that policy the intelligent attacker can conclude "their firewalls are poorly configured, let me attack"
  • there's a missing input covering the procedural/non-technical elements that we can't use /ssapi/element/xccdf/ to collect (which is my ever-so-clever way of circling back to the need for an eXtensible Security Reporting Language)

Here's version 0.11 of the A6 API documentation - it's showing off a bit more structure, only a page more of content though.

A6 API Documentation - Draft 0.11

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