Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starting XSRL

A brief announcement, I've temporarily paused documenting A6 to put together a draft set of XML schema for XSRL (eXtensible Security Reporting Language).

Draft 0.1 of the XSRL-Policy is the first release, to be followed by:

  • XSRL-events - for reporting on events such as breaches or virus outbreaks
  • XSRL-compliance - for reporting compliance with stated XSRL-Policy or external XSRL-Policy such as PCI-DSS (my lazy example)
  • XSRL-state - for reporting on the security state of your environment, systems and applications - will leverage SCAP

The schema looks like this (some child elements not shown):


The draft XSD file is on

Auto-generated documentation is below on Scribd iPaper below.


BTW Just got listed on AllTop

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